Weight loss

Everyone poops: A weight loss story

​It seems like we are always looking for a quick and easy weight loss solution. We spend millions of dollars every year on gym memberships, workout equipment, dietary supplements and self-help books in the vain attempt to lose those last 5 (or 10 or 20) pounds. Unfortunately, most of these attempts fail miserably and we end up right back where we started, if not worse. But what if there was an easier way? What if there was one simple solution to losing all that excess weight for good? What if all it took was a stool transplant. Would you do it?

Yes, fecal matter. That embarrassing brown lumpy bodily expulsion. We learned from an early age that Everyone Poops, and now a recent study has hinted that with the right transfer, somebody else’s poop could help you lose weight.

Forget the stair master, brown fat is where the burn is at

There has been a flurry of articles recently about the rise in research on brown adipose tissue (BAT), endogenous body fat that contains higher levels of mitochondria and is used to help keep the body warm. Until only three years ago, this holy grail of body tissues ("good" fat that burns significantly more calories and can help rid the body of "bad" fat) was thought to exist only in rodents, where it was more commonly seen in the young and in thinner animals. However, BAT has also been seen in human infants, important in helping to keep newborns warm as they can not shiver to create their own body heat. BAT was thought to gradually disappear as individuals aged, but it is now believed that adults can retain small levels of their brown fat from childhood, with thinner individuals maintaining more, and that exercise can aid in this retention.